27 Sep

Let me start by saying I know nothing about our justice system, only that it is broken. It has failed us.

David James Leblanc currently faces charges of making and distributing child pornography, sex assault, and sexual interference involving two boys aged two and five, yet he lived among us.  He was able to live where our children ride their bikes, wait for the bus, and play in our yards.

Innocent until proven guilty?  It appears that they were found guilty of theft, break and enter, fraud, forgery and possession of stolen property.  Yet here they are…living among us.

So who’s to blame?  Who should carry the weight of knowing that these two individuals were roaming free to prey on our children and put them at risk?  Who should apologize to that 16-year old who has endured, likely demonic acts?  Who should should be held accountable?

Is it the Hon. Ross Landry, Minister of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice?

What about the crown prosecutor?

Maybe the judge? Someone had to let them out on parole.

Or maybe it’s us.  Maybe we are to blame. Why?  Do we scream loudly enough when this happens?  Do we ask those  in power to answer the tough questions?  Do we ask for resignations?  Do we ask judges to explain their decisions?  Do we care enough.  Will this be forgotten until the next monster gets released and then we become just as outraged?

I am mad.  Mad at everyone who I’ve questioned blame, including myself.  Will I demand an explanation of someone? Of anyone?  And does it even matter?  They’ll be found.  And they’ll be released.  Why?  Well, Leblanc was released after making child porn with a two-year old, so why wouldn’t he.

So I encourage you to be pissed off, and sad and upset and angry to be a bitch about it, all while thinking about that 16-year old boy, because no one else who was paid to think about him did their job.



One Response to “Failures”

  1. JoeMocha September 28, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    There is something deeply wrong in this society today.
    Makes me sick to my stomach.
    I even get so worked up when my son leaves the yard for just 5 minutes bombing down the road on his bike….kids should be allowed to do that….without fear of monsters.
    Its all wrong…something is desperately wrong….and that is very very sad.

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