Simple Sushi

5 Sep

The kids and I took a weekend this summer and went on what we dubbed, “Food Tour 2012.”

We each decided on a place that we wanted to go and enjoy a meal.  No surprise, Colin chose sushi.  No surprise because he’s constantly surprising me by his choices.

We went to Sushi Nomi in Dartmouth Crossing and we split several different variations.  It was delicious.

And of course, after having sushi, you continue to crave it days after, so we went to the Superstore and purchased everything we needed.  We thought, how hard can it be to make sushi at home?  Apparently, it’s pretty hard.

Again, no surprise, Colin was the best at it.  He was the first to take a bite.  We waited anxiously for his reaction.  “It don’t look the same but it taste just as good.”  He was right.

Could you not just eat my Colin’s cheeks right off his face? I digress.

But it did get me thinking about sushi and how hard it is to make, which is such a shame because it is so darn addictive.

And then, as I was looking at all the ingredients just sitting there, I remembered our Theme Night Dinners and how Jen’s husband, Wayne, made us deconstructed sushi as a side dish.

I immediately invented the Sushi Salad.

Certainly I’m not the first to come up with this salad, but around these parts, we steal ideas and call them our own.

So- Introducing, for the first time ever, Sushi Salad…you’re welcome.

Cooked sushi rice

sliced smoked salmon

slices avocado

julienned carrots, cucumbers, red peppers

toasted sesame seeds

toasted and chopped nori

For the dressing- mix together the following

tsp sushi grade soya sauce

tsp rice wine vinegar

dab of wasabi

sprinkle of sugar

Picked ginger if you fancy (we do not fancy)


One Response to “Simple Sushi”

  1. Jen September 11, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    Looking forward to trying the sushi salad!

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