27 Apr

A week ago Thursday, David and I were having a lovely dinner with his childhood friend of over forty years, David Rose, his wife, Suzanne, both of their mother’s, along with our boys.

Then last night, David and I weren’t speaking to each other.  It was a combination of him acting like an ass, me acting like a child and both being too stubborn to give in.

Boy, what a difference a week makes.

The week before that my David had turned 44 and like every other birthday, David waited anxiously for Emily Rose (his friend, David Rose’s mother) to arrive with a plate of his favourite squares, Summer Time Squares.  And every year I say, “David, this might be the year that you don’t get those squares. You’re not 12 you know.” And he says, “No, she’ll be here. I’ll get my squares”.  And this year, like every other year, Emily arrived with the squares and invited us to dinner to celebrate her David’s forty-fourth birthday. 

Are you keeping up?

Anyway, these squares, they’re crazy good. I can only explain them as a mud pie but a square and in Mahone Bay they’re an institution. I’ve joked before that there was a little something extra in the squares, that’s how much he loves them.  I’ve suggested he ask for the recipe because, the Google, which is suppose to know everything, has never heard of Summertime Squares.  But he’s never asked for it because, not being a mother in Mahone Bay in the seventies, I’m clearly not qualified to make them.

Anyway, the dinner was awesome, we had steaks, baked potatoes, cake, Summertime Squares and made plans to do it again soon.

Then the week went by and we became stupid.

His peace offering?  A Tim Hortons coffee, which should have been enough.  But when you’re a child and your friend offers you your favorite candy as an apology, you don’t accept it because…well… you’re a child, and since I wouldn’t want to act like only half a child, I didn’t drink it, which made him more of an ass.

It was like we were reenacting the movie The Break-Up, where our marriage was spiraling out of control and neither of us remembered why.

Then tonight, as my peace offering, I made him Summertime Squares.

It turns out that anyone can make them even if you weren’t a mother in Mahone Bay in the 70’s and you can easily get the recipe with a simple phone call to one such mother.

I sheepishly handed him the squares to take to the shop.  They didn’t look or taste exactly like the Summertime Squares that David enjoys every birthday from Emily, but I hoped they’d do.

His responded with his big smile, and said, “It’s your first time, you’ll get better at it,” which is just as good as saying, “I’m sorry too.”

Recipe for Summer Time Squares

You’re welcome Google!

½ cup of butter

½ cup of milk

3 heaping tablespoons of cocoa

2 cups of sugar

Put this in a pot and whisk while bringing it to a hard boil for 1 minute.  Emily warned me that it had to be one minute.  Too much, it’s too think, too little they’re too runny.  I didn’t appreciate what she meant until I tried it and didn’t boil them quite enough.  They were a little too soft.  Consider that this is the only cooking required in this recipe.

Add ½ cup peanut butter and 1 tsp vanilla.

Add this mixture to 3 cups of instant oats, mix and then to a greased 9×9-baking dish and even it out.  Allow them to set in the fridge.  Once completely cooled cut them in 2-inch squares.  They should make 16 squares.


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  1. Suz April 30, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Always the way to a Man’s heart is his belly:-). Can’t wait to try this recipe Tina. Glad you and David are friends again! 🙂 Miss you guys. xo

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