Another must see video!

12 Apr

In case you don’t remember some of Evan’s entreprenureal endeavors, here’s a recap:

Remember when he was, like 7 and he had a blog?

Then, when he was about 8, remember when he grabbed a guitar and busked on the main street of Mahone Bay?  He alternated between playing the opening chords of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold and Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.  Appearantly, when you’re 8, that’s all it takes to make $14 in 2 hours.

Then remember he and his buddies started a band?  They were going to do gigs? Make T-shirts?

Then, a few years ago, he sold candy canes with his brother, making $72 for the food bank? Remember that?

Well, now he has set up a little store in the closet of the kids game room in the basement, where he’s selling his old sticks and hockey equipment.  It’s actually adorable.

This kid reminds me a bit of Evan. You HAVE to watch this video.  I love this kid.  I love his dad.  But I really really love his only customer.


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