The return of theme night dinners.

31 Mar

So with the return of Nadia so too did our theme night dinners.

Culture in the form of food, oh how I’ve missed thee…

We had tempura battered vegetables and salted edamame as appetizers, which were a perfect accompaniment to the champagne we had to toast our first theme night dinner in 18-months- Vietnamese fusion, and if you’re like me, and don’t know exactly what that means, it essentially means delicious.  Incredibly delicious!

Seriously…it’s all I can think about.

Thank God I took pictures so I can refer back to it!

It was this lovely spicy salmon, a peanut spinach with a spicy calamari, and deconstructed sushi.

And because my caveman husband only eats meat, this is what he got.

My friends spoil him.

Anyway, do you ever find, after you’ve had sushi, you crave it days after?  Well, I do.

I love sushi but I’m not good at making it.  But this deconstructed sushi is really genius!  By adding sushi rice, rice wine vinegar, smoked salmon, avocado to a ramekin and chopped nori with wasabi and pickled ginger on the side, you could have some sushi that completely solved the craving problems and eliminates the tedious rolling of the nori...oh I have too much rice…oh not enough rice…too much salmon, I forgot the avocado problem.

It turns out that even just writing about sushi makes you crave it. sigh


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