Last part of a really good story

19 Mar

*If you’re just tuning in, scroll down to catch up*

After getting my golden ticket,  I was sent into a room and told what to expect.  I was told that after auditions were over, the judges sit down and compile all the golden ticket winners and then select the top dishes in that category.  The winners of those dishes had to be prepared to have cameras come to their home town and do a segment there.  I was told that I should consider changing the name of my dish from Holiday Pie to something more marketable, by one of the judges. Which I did, and I’ll share it, and the recipe in a future post.

I was also told that, if I should be selected as the winner of the $25,000 prize, I should familiarize myself with social media and market myself and my dish to the voting public.

To be honest, I had forgotten about the money part of it.  This was all for fun afterall, plus it’s not like it would happen, and why think about money I’m not getting?

Anyway, for that month, I really didn’t think about it much while I awaited the results, except I did decide to take a fun little course on blogging.  See, I don’t have Facebook because I refuse to as I can’t get that time back I spent on it years ago.  And aside from this blog, and a silly Twitter feed that I have but don’t really use except then I add a new post, this blog is the only thing I do that would be considered social media.  I knew that a large part of marketing this, should I be selected, was social marketing, so I wanted to learn more about affective blogging, you  know, to be prepared.

We all signed confidentially agreements and vowed not to disclose that we got our golden tickets.  Then we’d get a call saying whether we were in or not in.

And here I am blogging about it, so as you may have guessed, I’m not in.

She said they were rooting for me, and that there were so many great dishes to choose from, and I was all…don’t be silly, I had so much fun!  I had a blast! And now, finally, I can blog about it. 

Anyway, back to the best part of the story…the whole point of why you have all invested so much time into reading this post that has gone on for days…the course.  I’m still taking it and it’s honestly one of the best things I have ever ever done!  It caused me to really think about what I want from this.  I mean, what do I want from the blog?  I’ve written it for almost 5 years.  I’m not looking to get rich, I mean, I don’t even house ads on it. I’m not looking to get famous, I don’t ever post them to Blogher, or Reddit or any of those traffic building sites.  So in doing this course, I had to really analyze why I was doing this and what I wanted out of it.

Truthfully, I wanted to provide proof to my children that they had a great childhood.  Well, sort of truthfully.  But now that I was thinking about it the way that I was being asked to, I really began to question, what do I want from this?  The answer both frightened and excited me.   And now I’m on the pursuit of another challenge, thou, I’m not certain of what that is yet, it’s a 12-week on-line course, I’ll get there.

I love what this provides me thou, an avenue to write.  It’s writing that I think I quite like.  Actually, more specifically, story telling.  I guess that’s what I’ve been doing here in the past 3 posts, sowing the seeds to grow the story.

Anyway, you will, as you have for the last 4-5 years, find me here, on, and most recently, here on, because leaving my boys with insight to who I am is important to me. But I do have another plan, a bigger one, one where I’m helpful and useful to more than just my family.  I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I do know this: if I had a friend who doubted me as must as I doubt myself, I’d tell her to go to hell.  So she’s gone now, and while I’m terrified to live without her, living without that person telling me that I can’t has opened me up to the beauty of possibility.


3 Responses to “Last part of a really good story”

  1. Jen March 26, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    You are truly amazing! Reach for the stars!

  2. Natashia March 26, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    What a great story! I Soooooo enjoyed reading that. I’m still on week one, but feel like I am zeroing in on a topic. Looking forward to meeting up with you…when you have time, in between getting golden tickets….and being a fantastic mom.

    • herland1 March 27, 2012 at 3:05 am #

      WOW Natashia, a topic, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it! Coffee indeed!!

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