Part two of a good story

14 Mar

*if you’re just tuning in, scroll down and read part 1 first*

The night before the audition I was a ball of nerves.  I mean, certainly not because I had expectations to win or anything but because I was so nervous that one of the judges would be like Simon on American Idol and chastise me on National TV.  “How pathetic of you to put summer savory on potatoes. Next!”

I think I drank a bottle of wine while making them, and I was up till at least 2am cleaning up.

7am came early as I got myself ready along with my pies and my son Colin who was so excited to come with me.

We get to the Delta on Barrington Street for our 9:30 appointment and were directed into a room with about 50 other applicants and their families.  We were told these were just the morning applicants. Some had signs, others were in costume, not us, we don’t roll like that.  In fact, my sister and my friend Jen wanted to come with me for support, but I went on some message boards to read what I could expect, and some said that the year before the wait was really long, like up to 6 hours.  And the only reason I even took Colin was because I was a bit scared and I new he’d think it was cool.

I gave them my pies and instructions on how to heat them up to serve to the judges and then Colin and I took our spot.  A producer came in and gave us lessons in cheering on the other contestants and they arrive in the room with a golden ticket.  GOLDEN TICKET?!  OMG this was just like American Idol.  I scoped out all the exits and wondered how I could quietly leave, but there was only one problem:  They had my best Tupperware which cost like, a million dollars and I was not leaving without it.

It got worse.  I was called into a holding room and Colin could not come with me.  My 8 year old with a room of strangers all by himself.

While in the holding room I was instructed that they’d call me when I was needed to plate up.  Every once in a while I’d go check in on my Colin, but the families of the other contestants had sort of adoption him and said he was fine.  By this time he had a little audience around him laughing.  I was not a bit surprised.  I just die at the thought of what information he was sharing.

I was wired with a mic, wired or groped, I’m not quite sure, but it was rather enjoyable anyway, and I was coached on what would happen.

It was my turn to go up, and strangely I was really nervous, Maybe more nervous excitement.  I mean, I’m a huge Food Network Fan, and I was digging this entire process so far.

I went before the judges and to be honest, I don’t recall much about that, except they loved my dish!  Well, the women did.  They recognized that it was a solution for busy families getting a healthy, hardy meal, a turkey dinner in fact, on a random week night.  The guy was a bit like Simon.

I answered a few questions, charmed them as best as I could and voila…I walked away with a golden ticket.

Now- before you get too excited, a golden ticket means nothing really.  I basically got a ticket to remain in the running.  Halifax was the first stop of several across Canada and they had no idea at this point how good the other submissions would be.  I was told that in the coming weeks I’d find out if I was selected.

But I was excited, mostly because I wouldn’t have to go out in the crowd without a ticket and have them feel sorry for me.  But mostly, I wanted my Colin to see me come out with my ticket.

I walked out to cheers and a big hug, and it was just one of those moments, as silly as it may seem, but I imagine it felt for me like it feels like for the kids when they get a goal in hockey.

Evan came home from Truro, ran right in and before telling me anything about their game, he asked me how I did.  I just showed him my ticket.  “I knew you’d get in, Mom!  See, I told you you had to take this opportunity!”

*still one more riveting part to go*


2 Responses to “Part two of a good story”

  1. Stacey :) March 14, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Awesome job Tina! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! I too love the Food Network and would love to cheer for you on there as well! Best of luck and everyone knew you could do this, no question! xo

  2. Carolyn March 15, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    THIS IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! I think also you should have your own little cooking show because you are such a natural… you’d never run out of things to say and I mean that in a nice way! The Holiday Pie sounds really nice-what a great idea!

    Good luck Tina! Hope you continue to get more gold tickets! (I’m having a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment)

    C xx

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