Part one of a good story

13 Mar

Some stories are so good, they need to be told in two parts, maybe three.  This is one such story.

So, you all know, I love to cook right?  I’m a pretty good home cook, not expert by any means, but I can throw-down for my family and friends.  I love trying new recipes especially if I can add a can of black beans or a pound of fiddle heads.

Anyway, After the success of the show Recipe to Riches, several people sent me the link to the site telling me I should apply with a dish that I shared at work and on this blog, Sweet and Sour Sausage Stew.  And I thought about it, but I really LOVE my Holiday Pie, it’s basically a turkey dinner with all the fixings in a pie.

So on a complete whim, I said, what the hell, and I sent in the recipe with absolutely no expectations. Then, I went to a meeting.

My meeting lasted only ten minutes, and when I got out there was a message on my answering machine from the producers of the show, wanting to talk about my dish.

I called her back and we had a chat about myself, my food and my boys.  And of course, she loved me.  I mean who wouldn’t:)  I was invited to cook my dish and give 4 servings to be judged for the show.

How exciting right?  There was only one problem: Evan had a hockey game in Truro that day and since the auditions were only held on the one day, it was my only option.  I really hate missing his games, especially games that are far away and game that are league games.  I mean, they’d surly lose without hearing my yelling from the stands.  I sat Evan down to discuss my predicament.

“Well, Mom, you have to do this.  It’s just a game, I can go with someone else.”  It was as if he had instantly turned 15 years old.

Feeling like an incredibly selfish mother, guilt took over.

“No, I’ve made up my mind, Evan.  I’m coming to your game.  I’m not going to get in anyway, and you’re going to win this game.  I want to see it.”

Evan was instantly pissed.  “Mom, if you don’t do this, I won’t speak to you ever again!  You are always telling us to take every opportunity that comes our way.  This is an opportunity and you have to take it.  If you don’t than you lied to us.”

I wasn’t sure if I was more hurt or more proud, but he was right. I do tell them that.  And because I push them, Evan has done so many cool things.  Things that many ten year olds haven’t done. Hell, many adults haven’t done.  My kids have been in an informercial, Evan’s acted on Mr. D, Colin played an extra in Bag of Bones, Evan was a ball boy in Provincial soccer,  I mean, in every situation, they could have said no, but I always say to them what my son was now saying to me; take every opportunity that comes your way, regardless of if you get paid, or if anything will ever result from it.

I sent Evan with another family, because that’s the beauty of hockey, and I packed up Colin, because he loves food, and if there wasn’t a rule that he had to be over 18, he would have totally submitted his fish and chip wrap because it totally rocks!

And we went to the Recipe to Riches auditions armed with my Holiday Pies.


2 Responses to “Part one of a good story”

  1. PamO March 13, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    I can’t wait for part 2…….

  2. Suz March 13, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    OMG The suspense!!! Come on Part 2!!!!

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