1 Mar

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to stare straight into the face of a rare gift.  That was me the day after I turned 36.

You read this post, thou some of you were confused, and weren’t’ sure if I was turning 36 or was having a nervous breakdown and was going to revert back into a 36 year old who just acted like she was still 26.  But no, I assure you, I in fact did turn 36.

The breakdown in coming thou.

The Friday after turning 36 I picked up Jen and we headed to Kentville to break it in.  That’s where Nadia is after an 18 month internship in New Zealand.

Every birthday for as long as I can remember we have been celebrating each others birthday with a bang.  Usually some shopping, a lovely dinner, some live music, and brunch the next day.  Because she was away, we hadn’t done that in awhile, and only then did I appreciate this ritual.

Kentville, more specifically the entire valley, is my favorite place.  I’m a valley girl, Sheffield Mills exactly.  And going back often sends shifters up my arms.  I love it there, and Nadia does too.  The good ol’ valley folks are treating her well, and it’s exactly where she ought to be.

This night in particular, we arrived and got the tour of her new pad, which is perfect for her, and we were sipping red wine, planning out our evening of dinner and listening to some live guitar at the Kings Arms Pub following appetizers at Patty’s Pub, and the girls handed me a gift.

They got me a cast iron pot, one that I had been eyeing and wanting since Christmas, and they remembered it, thou I barely remember saying it.  And then, as if that pot weren’t awesome enough, I opened the lid to see…well…some of my 36 things…

Little cards notes from my Birthday blog…

Including a wheel of brie, which we ate over crackers thank you very much.

And a card.

We try to give a functional gift, but also like to have some fun.  And the girls said that they struggled, they said, “This is Tina’s thing, not ours!” But I disagree. They did just fine.  

Their gift or should I say the time that they put into it, made me laugh, they made me cry, and the pot made for the best pot roast ever!


One Response to “Gifts”

  1. Cindy March 14, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    So, I started reading your blog after seeing it on the south shore paper online when I was checking obituaries (go figure)…I was intrigued because I related to your blog (when my kids were younger) and the tone was similar to one I had been writing…and then more intrigued because of who you were married to, as I grew up in Mahone Bay and remember David quite clearly…but I have to say, im now completely full circle curious about this person who I seem to “know” but have no reason to know who is from Sheffield Mills…the place I have called home for the last 6 years…and Kentville, the place I sit my backside for hours each day for work…Its interesting to me as well that you have started the R to R journey …the same journey i took last year…its a ride…for sure! Its been great to “meet” you…Im nearly inspired to start writing again!

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