The next great Sneaker Designer

22 Feb

This is my very handsome boy…

But those are some uuuugggllllly sneakers!!

I say they’re ugly, but he’d be totally offended if he knew I said that about them.  He was proud as punch when they came.  He couldn’t wait to show me.  “My Zig’s are here mommy, they’re here! The ones I designed myself.”

See, if I had been a part of this, I would have probably tried to convince him to do a little less fluorescent.  But it wasn’t up to me.  

These were Evan’s specially designed sneakers. And he just loves them, and so do I!

I love that he put so much thought into designing these sneakers.  It’s totally something I would do.

Evan got Christmas money from his grandfather and he’s been planning these sneakers since then.

If you’re interested in learning more about designing your own Zigtechs, here’s the site.  It is really cool, I’ll give it that.  Not even crazy expensive.  And to finally get sneakers that Evan takes pride in, regardless of what I think of them… priceless!


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