Raising the perfect boyfriend

15 Feb

Last night, I dropped Evan off at the hockey rink.  I said I was going to get Valentines for his and his brothers class, I’d get a green tea and then be there to watch the rest of the practice.  I asked him if he had any special requests.

If you recall, I got in trouble a few years ago when I got Spiderman Valentines. “I’m not six mom!” He said in protest.  Then the next year it was, “so…you expect me to give Hulk Valentines to the boys and to the girls?  Good one mom.”

So as you can sense, Valentines  Day in our home, comes with a bit of stress.

He said, “I don’t care what you get, but mom, do you think you could pick out one thing that’s a little bit… special?”  He smiled back at me as he grabbed his gear.

“Sure Ev.  Leave it to me.” Then off I went on a mission to find something for a girl that he thinks is swell, but something that won’t have her parents being all, “You are never to talk to that stalker ever again!”

I was slightly unnerved but more excited that, at 10 years old, he gets the whole Valentines Day thing. So I had no problem putting a small heart shaped box of chocolates and a box of jelly beans in my cart. I explained to him later that he could choose what he wanted to give her, and that he could have the other thing as a little treat from me.  “Just pick what you want, and give her the other thing.”

“No, mom, I’ll pick what she’d like better, and then I’ll keep the other thing.” Seriously, I couldn’t make this up, especially since I would have chosen the chocolate hands down!

At-a-boy, I thought, and that was followed immediately by a panic attack.

We got home and filled out Valentines, all the while deciding what he would give.  He went to bed deciding that he’d sleep on it.  Later that night I decided that I’d just wrap them both so they’d be ready to take to school, but I couldn’t for the life of me locate the jelly beans.  I scoured the house from top to bottom.

Then, I went in to check in on the boys, and that’s when I found the opened box of jelly beans half eaten, right there on Colin’s pillow.  The bugger stole the jelly beans and ate them.

I explained the unfortunate turn of events to Evan when he got up.

“It’s ok, she’ll understand.  She has a little sister.”


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