7 Feb

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you or not, but David is color blind.  Not color blind like…what shade of blue is this? But color blind like…he once put an ad in the paper to sell a truck that he’d driven for 5 years. He wrote in the ad that the truck was black.  It was green.

Anyway, we were needing a new sofa for the downstairs rec room.  The one we had had been around longer than our children and had seen better days. David was after me to go pick one out, but I’ve just been too busy so I didn’t.  With the Super Bowl right around the corner, David needed a replacement sofa and decided to get a new one on his own.

I walked in the house and Colin ran up to me smiling, “Daddy got a new couch! Are ya mad?” he smirked.

Of course I wasn’t mad. But I was panicking, expecting to see a dusty rose sofa, not that there is anything wrong with dusty rose, but it wouldn’t go with the burnt brown leather paint I hoped to paint the walls. Right now it’s still the primer.

I walked down the stairs and with each turn of the corner I started to panic more, and regretted not taking the hour from work to pick it out myself, knowing that calling the store to come pick it up was probably not going to happen.  They were probably all, “We finally got rid of that hideous dusty rose couch to that sucker husband who bought a sofa without his wife.  Poor guy. I mean who does that!!”  I’m sure that’s what they were saying.

Anyway, I turned the corner into the room and found a sofa alright.  I mean, The color was surprisingly, alright.  It was a chocolate brown leather/ultra swede combo, that would go with the the walls once the paint got on them.  It was affordable, which would be good in a rec room.

But it was a sooooofffffaaaa!  I mean, you had to turn to enter the room, that’s how big it was and the room isn’t that big.  I said to David, “The color is great, but the size, it’s massive.   I knew you were color blind, but I had no idea you didn’t know how to use a measuring tape.”

He explained that he wanted a big sofa so that we could all cuddle in and watch movies and not be so crowded.

I couldn’t have picked out a better one if I tried. It’s pretty much perfect!




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  1. Suz February 8, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Great sofa! We have a sectional as well, very similar except our end piece is on the oppisite side. I love it for the very reason David said. We can all fit and be comfortable on movie night. Add a big blanket and you are all set 🙂

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