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A big heart

28 Feb

My husband is continuously surprising me.  No, not surprising me with flowers or with dinner on the table, but by showing me who he is, and even after almost 12 years of marriage, I still find myself occassionally shocked.

Several weeks ago, he came home with a package from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  They roped him into He agreed to be a canvasser.  I stood there, silent for a few minutes, until I said, “I had no idea that this was a health issue that you felt so strongly about that you’d canvas.”  He laughed, and said, “There’s probably a lot you don’t know about me.”  I said, “Appearantly.  You don’t happen to have any wives and children out there that I don’t know about do you?”  He laughed.  I didn’t.

He explained that he was just doing our street and another, and that they needed volunteers.  I filled up with pride and told him so, but also wanted to make it clear that I was not going to be doing his canvasing for him:)

And as February, Heart and Stroke month, was nearing it’s end, I was starting to apply pressure.  “David, those house’s aren’t going to canvas themselves,” I said.  So tonight, he went out with his package of receipts, his Heart and Stroke pin and his big, beautiful smile, as he set out to canvas.

After several hours, I called him on his cell phone, worried that someone mistakenly took him for an intruder, or fearing that some women had her way with him.  Neither was true.  He arrived quite late and with donations from all but three houses.  He looked tired, drained even, but spent the next 45 minutes telling me about all the stories he heard.

“You could never do this, Tina, it’s too sad.”  He’d spent the night collecting money and listening to people talking about the loved ones they lost from heart attacks, too many cases of cancer, and even a lady who recently had a stroke.  He said there were some houses that he had a hard time leaving.

But he enjoyed himself.  He said he felt good.  He raised lots of money and a new appreciation for how alone people feel.

Make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation here.






23 Feb

While 10 years doesn’t seem like a long time, a lot has changed.  When I was 26, I was in my first year of marriage and I was pregnant with Evan.  I was happy, anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time.  Then, at 26, I couldn’t imagine what my life would turn out like.   The changes that I’ve experience, how much I’ve grown in ten years, it’s just unbelievable that my life is so full.

When I was 26 I worried about not have enough money in my bank account.  At 36, I worry more about not having enough RRSP contributions for retirement.

When I was 26, I thought about how my life was going to turn out. At 36 I think about how my kid’s lives’ are going to turn out

At 26 I wanted to wear shoes that made me look hot.  At 36 I want to wear shoes that don’t hurt.

At 26 I wore jeans that accentuated my butt. At 36 I wear jeans that don’t accentuate my muffin top.

At 26 I did lots of crunches to have strong abs.  Now, at 36, I concentrate more on the strength of my back.

When I was 26 I wanted breast implants.  At 36, I want a breast lift.

At 26, when in the sun, I wore SPF 8, which is far better than the baby oil I used when I was 16.  At 36, I wear SPF 50, and a hat.

At 26 my girlfriends and I would discuss the fancy restaurant we’d go to.  At 36, we plan the menu at our next dinner party.

At 26 the physique of a healthy man impressed me.  At 36, I’m impressed by really pretty paper.

At 26 I was obsessed with my weight.  At 36, I’m obsessed with my health.

At 26 I’d buy clothes that follow today’s trends.  At 36, I buy more classic clothes that will still be stylish next year.

At 26 I thought, wow, I made some questionable choices when I was younger.  Now, at 36, I say, “Yeah I did”, and then I high five myself!

At 26 I’d be at the top of a hill at Martoc thinking, “I might try the moguls this time.”  At 36 I’m at the top of a hill at Martoc thinking, “Does my insurance cover this?”

At 26, I’d buy two bottles of $10 wine.  At 36, I buy one bottle of $20 wine.

At 26 I believed I settled.  At 36, I can’t believe, with all the people in the world, how lucky was I that David chose me!

At 26 I preferred cheddar cheese to mozza  At 36, I prefer Brie to Camembert.

At 26, my goal was to have everything I wanted.  At 36, my goal is for my kids to have everything they need.

When I was 26 I dreaded getting older.  Now at 36, I hope I see older.

That’s a lot of change in 10 years.  You might argue that I’ve become a little more jaded.  Maybe more realistic.  Perhaps boring and sensible.  But I wouldn’t go back.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Not one mistake, and there were many.  Everything I did brought me here, to where I’m 36 and incredibly happy.

The next great Sneaker Designer

22 Feb

This is my very handsome boy…

But those are some uuuugggllllly sneakers!!

I say they’re ugly, but he’d be totally offended if he knew I said that about them.  He was proud as punch when they came.  He couldn’t wait to show me.  “My Zig’s are here mommy, they’re here! The ones I designed myself.”

See, if I had been a part of this, I would have probably tried to convince him to do a little less fluorescent.  But it wasn’t up to me.  

These were Evan’s specially designed sneakers. And he just loves them, and so do I!

I love that he put so much thought into designing these sneakers.  It’s totally something I would do.

Evan got Christmas money from his grandfather and he’s been planning these sneakers since then.

If you’re interested in learning more about designing your own Zigtechs, here’s the site.  It is really cool, I’ll give it that.  Not even crazy expensive.  And to finally get sneakers that Evan takes pride in, regardless of what I think of them… priceless!

A girls gotta have a goal.

20 Feb


Some of you may remember from a billion posts ago, that I was writing a book.  Not only that, but that, every birthday, I have a goal to do something during that year.  I stupidly made the goal to finish my book in my 35th year.  And that year is just about up.  Not only that, but I made that goal public, right here on this blog.  And while I doubt you’d hold me to it, I knew I would hold it to myself.  You know what I mean.

Then, you may remember I went to Pitch The Publisher and the buggers turned me down, mostly because they had no sense of humor and they don’t know how hilarious I am (hehe). After drinking away my sorrow I decided that I’d really show them, I’d self publish (because I know some people in the publishing world who would probably get me a good deal) and I’d sell millions of copies and then they’d surly lose their jobs for not seeing my potential.

And that was my goal.  Finish my book, self publish, market it, sell millions, get innocent men with families fired.

And then, it got real interesting up in here because I discovered downloading books.  I’m addicted to it.  I’ve never read so such as a matter of fact.  And I decided that I’d prefer to create a visually delightful downloadable book for you all to enjoy.

So while I have met my goal of finishing my book in my 35th year, it is by no means ready to download.  I mean, I have to get it edited, I have to get the graphics done, and the photos!! My photos need work.  But the big part is done, that is provided that I can leave it alone without messing with it.  That’s the hard part.  I like to tweak. 

I anticipate it will be ready for Mothers Day, that’s my new goal.  And yup, there, I did it again, writing my goal right here on the world-wide-web for all to read.  Why do I do this??  THE PRESSURE!!

Just to tweak your curiosity, I thought I’d give you a teaser.  Just a few lines from the book.  Incase you’re wondering, it’s a book to my boys about all the stuff I hope I remember to tell them, because, well, there’s a really good chance I’ll forget on account of my memory issues and on account of my mind wondering, and oh God you guys, did you hear that Whitney Houston died!!

Anyway, here you are…just a few exerts from…You Ought To Know.


Have a tie that isn’t leather, zipper or a clip-on and know how to tie it.

If you come home from a bar and decide to deep fry french fries by boiling fat on the stove, I assure you, you’ll burn the house down, and you’ll be on the news explaining how it happened.

Add orange rind to french toast batter.

If you get an e-mail asking for your banking information, don’t respond.

Watch Top Gun.

If you put on the same jeans from the night before, make sure that last nights underwear aren’t in the leg.  They might eventually come out when you least expect it.

The armpits of white t-shirts turn yellow after a while.  Throw it out when that happens.

While Napoleon syndrome isn’t an actual syndrome, there is something to it.

If you don’t want someone to know what medication you’re taking, don’t put it in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Tissue paper and toilet paper are not the same.  Have both at all times.

If mullets ever come back, avoid getting one.



That’s it for your teaser.  You’re seriously going to love this!!

Raising the perfect boyfriend

15 Feb

Last night, I dropped Evan off at the hockey rink.  I said I was going to get Valentines for his and his brothers class, I’d get a green tea and then be there to watch the rest of the practice.  I asked him if he had any special requests.

If you recall, I got in trouble a few years ago when I got Spiderman Valentines. “I’m not six mom!” He said in protest.  Then the next year it was, “so…you expect me to give Hulk Valentines to the boys and to the girls?  Good one mom.”

So as you can sense, Valentines  Day in our home, comes with a bit of stress.

He said, “I don’t care what you get, but mom, do you think you could pick out one thing that’s a little bit… special?”  He smiled back at me as he grabbed his gear.

“Sure Ev.  Leave it to me.” Then off I went on a mission to find something for a girl that he thinks is swell, but something that won’t have her parents being all, “You are never to talk to that stalker ever again!”

I was slightly unnerved but more excited that, at 10 years old, he gets the whole Valentines Day thing. So I had no problem putting a small heart shaped box of chocolates and a box of jelly beans in my cart. I explained to him later that he could choose what he wanted to give her, and that he could have the other thing as a little treat from me.  “Just pick what you want, and give her the other thing.”

“No, mom, I’ll pick what she’d like better, and then I’ll keep the other thing.” Seriously, I couldn’t make this up, especially since I would have chosen the chocolate hands down!

At-a-boy, I thought, and that was followed immediately by a panic attack.

We got home and filled out Valentines, all the while deciding what he would give.  He went to bed deciding that he’d sleep on it.  Later that night I decided that I’d just wrap them both so they’d be ready to take to school, but I couldn’t for the life of me locate the jelly beans.  I scoured the house from top to bottom.

Then, I went in to check in on the boys, and that’s when I found the opened box of jelly beans half eaten, right there on Colin’s pillow.  The bugger stole the jelly beans and ate them.

I explained the unfortunate turn of events to Evan when he got up.

“It’s ok, she’ll understand.  She has a little sister.”

I don’t mine if Colin never says his r’s- sorry speech therapists.

13 Feb

Tonight I put my Colin to bed and we chatted for a few minutes.  This is the conversation that ensued.

Colin: Mamma, there are two gurls dat wike me at school.  What should I do?

Me: Well Colin, I think that, at 8 years old, you should just be friends with as many people as you can.  You don’t need to choose which one you want as a girlfriend. That’s just silly.

Colin: No Mom, I need to pick one.

Me: But why?  What’s the big deal?

Colin:  Cause I get to kiss dem.

Me: gulp. You get to kiss them? school?

Colin: Well…some day I will kiss dem.

Me: Well, I think that right now, you just might hurt someones feelings if you pick one, so lets just not pick anyone until you really really like someone.

Colin: Alwight, but they gonna be mad. I said I’d pick one tomowwow. 

Me: Well, Valentines Day is coming and you can pick every girl in your class on that day.  How about you sit tight until after Valentines Day?

Colin: Ok.  Hey Mamma…When Nadia got home from New Zealand and you saw her…did you cwy?

Me: No honey I didn’t cry.  We laughed and danced around like fools.  We were just so happy to be together again.

Colin: Do you think I’ll have fwiends wike dat when I get biggah?

Me:  Colin, I sure hope so.

The Happiness Project

10 Feb

So- The Love Dare was a huge hit.  I loved it!

It wasn’t life shattering or anything, but it did make me think more before reacting to things.  Not a bad thing.

Now I’m on to a new read…

The Happiness Project.

I was talking to a friend who reads a lot and she was asking what I’m reading. I’m not a big reader of fiction.  I don’t know why.  I’m a shot in the arm reader.  You know, books that make you go hmmmm.

This book, I don’t expect, will give me any riveting insights on happiness.  I’m a pretty happy person. Correction: I’m a super happy person. But I’ll let you know whether I’m singing in the shower and cleaning my closet.  Please Lord, let this make me clean out my closet!

I doubt that I’ll be reading Aristotle.