an update

24 Jan

Please bare with me. I know I should be writing more.  I’m been busy doing an on-line course.  I’ll let you know more about it later, provided I don’t fail.  So, maybe you won’t hear anymore about it.

And then once this course is done, I have to fold laundry.  Mountains of laundry. And then when I’m done that, I’m going to put together a menu planning guide for busy working moms, because I bought one for $29 on line and it is dog shit.  Mix cooked elbow macaroni with a bottle of italian dressing and a cup of frozen corn.  I can imagine what Colin would say if I presented him with this. WFT Mom, why don’t you just mix a can of cream of celery soup with chicken and serve it on rice!  And I’d be all, well actually Colin, now that you mention it, that was one of the meals.  I just can’t imagine taking the recipe from the back of a bottle, printing them on q-cards, add a list of ingredients to buy and call it menu planning.

I think we can do better. Colin can do better.

Lets see, what else?  Oh, the excitement in the house is that Evan is very shortly going to be on Mr.D  You’ll pee your pants it’s going to be so funny.  Colin he’s still going to rule the world with his charm..

Perhaps the most exciting news to come is that my Nadia is soon home.  Melanie, you’ll be happy to hear it.  It seems even thou she’s never met Nadia, she wanted to send her home whenever she read a post about her.  David asked if I was going to require the same amount of welcome home parties as we did going away parties, and I’m all, tyeah, at least. David figures we had at least a dozen.

Thanks for hanging in there.  I promise, well have some fun soon.



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