The top 52 things I love about you

18 Jan

So, this book, The Love Dare, it’s amazing, even the God stuff is ok.

I altered the dares quite a bit.  Like, one dare was, “Instigate sexual intercourse with your spouse and pray that you’ll enjoy it.”  Seriously, that was one of them. I think that’s why Christianity has a bad rap.

Anyway, a really cool dare was, last night, David and I told each other what we love about each other, and what we don’t love about each other, and we couldn’t be upset at what the other doesn’t like about us.  It was actually fun.

I told David how I love that he’s a good dad, that he’s so kind, that’s he not cheap, that he never gets mad, that he knows how to do lots of stuff, but if he doesn’t know how, he knows a guy who does. Those were just a few that I can mention.  Then, what I don’t like about him,  that he doesn’t wear socks, that he spends too much money, that he smokes… yup, that’s mostly it.

Then he said what he likes about me.  He said he likes that I’m a good mom, a good cook, I make our house a home, I don’t nag him too much, that I’m fun to be around, we enjoy the same activities, like golf and boating and family time, and that I’m understanding about his anxiety, but all of those came only after I told him the first ones weren’t eligible because of their inappropriate content.  He said he doesn’t like like that I never know where my debit card is, that I don’t walk around the house naked, and the pitch of my voice when I drink too much.

I mean, doesn’t that sound like fun!!

I thought, it might be fun to let the boys know what we love about them in a way that they’ll remember.  I just printed the top 52 things on sticky back paper since I had 2 decks of cards, it just seemed to work out.  And if you think it’s hard to come up with 52 things for each kid, it’s not.  You’ll have to edit a lot!

I promise you, you and they will have a blast, and you might be surprised at what your kids love about you as well.  I can almost guarantee that none of them will have anything to do with how tidy your house is.  Sorta makes ya think…

Knowing what you know about my kids, I bet you can guess whose are whose.


One Response to “The top 52 things I love about you”

  1. Pam January 18, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    Tina, this is such a great way to let your kids know how special they are. I LOVE this! Thank you for the idea.

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