Winter Steak Recipe

13 Jan

I cook a lot with creams, butter and cheeses. I just can’t help it, I love food.  But this video will be my last one like that for awhile.  My next ones will feature a lighter fare.

As part of our Lighthouse workplace challenge, I gave myself a personal challenge to enter my 36th year at the same weight I entered my 26th year, but not really, as I was 6 months pregnant and 20 pounds heavier than normal when I turned 26.  Before then, on my wedding day, I was 8 pounds lighter.  

By my calculations, if I lost a pound a week, which is pretty respectable, from January 2nd until February 23, I’d be right at my pre-prego weight.

Thou I’m only 11 days in, I’m right on track, mostly because I gave up the food and booze that I so much love and replaced it with food that I love even more.

In the meantime, lets have a look back at why I gained those delicious 8 pounds.  

They were totally worth it!


One Response to “Winter Steak Recipe”

  1. kat January 13, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    You are getting more comfortable in front of the camera! Colin will sure become a great chef!

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