Let’s swap!

16 Dec

So- I’m really not a good baker.  I think it’s the measuring.  I’m not very precise.

But I do bake on occasion, when my boys ask me to for class parties, for desserts for dinner parties, and for cookie swaps at work.

Now- while I don’t bake, I do have a pretty handsome collection of cookie cutters.  Probably every shape you can think of.  I have the alphabet, even stamps to write on cookies.  So it’s weird that I don’t do more of it.

Anyway, at work, we’ve organized a different event for each Friday in December.  It’s been a whole lot of fun.  We’ve had tree decorating contests, a dip exchange, and now, a cookie swap.  So it was a perfect opportunity to bring out my collection.

I found a pretty lame ol gingerbread man cookie cutter, but in seeing it a different way, I made little reindeers.

Adorable, yes?

But even better, after the swap, I got tons of other cookies that I wouldn’t normally bake, which is part of the appeal of swapping.

You get everyone’s best cookie and then a tummy ache.


One Response to “Let’s swap!”

  1. Stacey December 16, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    OMG! Your reindeer cookies are definitely adorable and look yummy! Happy Holidays Tina to you and yours! Drink up 🙂

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