Clutter Be Gone

9 Dec

Listen.  Try as you might…but you can’t hide that you and I both have unwanted clutter.  We all do.  Some have varying degrees of it, but we all have some.  Some require professional help, while others, their clutter looks more organized, but we all stuff that we’d rather not have. Stuff that we try and tuck away when company comes over.

Then comes Christmas, and we have to intentionally bring out more stuff, stuff with glitter on it, bringing more attention to the extra stuff.

I know, it baffles me too!

So during the holidays, I like to disguise my stuff that isn’t Christmas related, so stuff without glitter, or Santa Claus or a “Joy to the World.   And I hide it in boxes.

See, at Lighthouse, we have a lot of boxes.  So I steal them, and wrap them with pretty but inexpensive paper and throw my non-Christmas stuff in them, making sure to put my Bible on the top so I can retrieve it easily.  You never know when I’ll get the sensation to read it… a-hum.

Then David comes homes and screams, “Tina, what did you do with all our stuff?” And I say, “You can’t use them until after Christmas, when I will empty the boxes of our non-Christmas stuff and put my Christmas stuff in the boxes for storage.”

And he’ll say, “Oh, but there was an article in one of the magazines about a 1970 SS Nova and I need it. And yes, I know, it was there  for 3 years and I never thought about it, now that I can’t read it, it’s all I want to do.”  And then I say, “Funny how that works, eh?  You can read it on December 31st.”

I trust he’ll forget all about it by then.


One Response to “Clutter Be Gone”

  1. Tara December 21, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    That’s genius. Last week I had an overwhelming feeling that I MUST bring home some boxes from our office (our paper gets shipped in really sturdy boxes – not too big and not too small). I think it’s time to get packing!

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