Christmas Artwork for $22

1 Dec

I love Norman Rockwell art.  Perhaps it’s because I feel like, living in Mahone Bay, I sort of live in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Maybe it’s because of the fact that many of his paintings were on the front to the Post.  Maybe it’s that I should have grown up in the roaring 20’s, but I think I love Norman Rockwell because his art features a simpler time.

I’ve been thinking that I wanted to hang new Christmas art on the mantle, not because I don’t love the picture that I’ve had there for the past number of years.  I mean, I love this picture of the boys.  It simbolizes brothers on Christmas Eve; they may have nearly killed each other on December 23rd, but boy, once Christmas Eve hits, it’s all hugs and best buddies!

I found this book of Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings and I couldn’t believe my luck, only $9.99!  I thought I could turn this into Christmas art that I could afford.

I went to my faithful dollar store and got 6 frames for 2 bucks each; so a total of $22 for new Christmas art.

I actually had a hard time picking only 6, because there were so many goodies.

I hung them up and lit the candles and it does look like a simple Christmasy scene…but I do miss seeing my boys in their Christmas Eve jammies in their annual embrace.



One Response to “Christmas Artwork for $22”

  1. Ninth & Bird December 6, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    I love this idea! It really turned out cute!

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