17 Nov


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This ones for you Pat:)

20 Nov

I know… I’m a terrible blogger! Just awful! What’s wrong with her, you’re thinking.  What the hell’s she been up to anyway? Because if you saw my laundry, you’d know it’s not that!

Truth is, I have been busy. Good busy. Driving my kids to and from hockey.

Watching Evan and his buddies gets rewarded for their efforts in an anti-bulling campaign…

And then go to Parliament house…

And I’ve been helping Colin learn PayPal and how to update his website…Oh and I have been helping his count all his money from his cookbook sales…

And of course, because of his success, and because he is now loves making cookbooks, I have been helping him with his next one…

And me? What have I been doing for me?

Well, I’ve been selfish.  I went shopping with the girls, enjoying our theme night dinners, I’ve done a course here and there on-line, and I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about what to write about…

I’m still not sure to write about here, I’m hoping it will come to me… it hasn’t yet…  dum-de-dum-dum-dum.

And you! Well, you’ve been funny! You with your e-mails and your subtle nudges of encouragement and pissed-off-ed-ness…it’s adorable! Really! And very much appreciated. It makes me feel loved.

I hope my next post, if I’m still struggling to find anything to write, may be Colin’s next cookbook. It will be kind of awesome!!

Thanks for being you!

Rotten apples

22 Oct

We love going apple picking in the valley.  It’s fun and the apples are crazy cheap.

And then, the bags of apples sit in the bag and rot.

So, with dozens of apples kicken’ around, I gave the boys a challenge to eat more. I packed them in their book bags, I sliced them and added cinnamon, I dried some and made a huge pot of apple sauce.

I even gave a bunch to Colin and asked him to figure out what to do with them. He decided that he wanted to learn how to smoke.  We smoked apples and onions and made a barbecue sauce because that is what Colin does.

And then we made baked apples, which, in our opinion, is the easiest and most delicious way to eat apples.

We halved and cored them and stuffed the hole that remained with:

1 cup quick oats,

1/4 cup butter

tsp cinnamon

pinch salt

a few chopped walnuts.

Baked for 40 minutes and serve with whipped cream. Because everything tastes better with whipped cream.

Welcome to my sweat shop

8 Oct

Last week, when I announced that Colin wrote a cookbook, I was a little unprepared for what would ensue.

I should have known that you, you who are mainly moms like me, moms who admit failure, moms who don’t know all the answers, moms who are simply trying to do the right thing for your kids, that you’d answer my call. Thank you for that.

After supper, homework, after his bath and before bed, we clear the table and we go over his orders.  I address the envelopes while he stuffs and signs.

And he thinks he’s something else.  I feel kind of like his agent.  I’ll say, “Colin, this one is for Connor, with a C.  This one is going all the way to Saskatchewan!”  And he’ll say, “Saskatchewan! How did dey hear about me here in Nova Scotia???”

He’ll sign with a grin and then calculate his earnings in his head.

Then, this weekend, he decided that he needed to start on his next cook book and is already starting on new recipes.

But before this one is published he’s insisting on a stamp.  He’s getting writers cramp.

The success is already going to his head.

Introducing…Cooking with Colin

1 Oct

I know, I’ve been, slack.  But it’s not because I’ve been lazy, I promise. In fact, Colin and I have been doing something that’s pretty friggen cool, and I don’t use words like friggen lightly!

As you all know, my Colin is pretty much the neatest kid on the planet, pretty much just as neat as Evan (and coincidentally, likely as neat as all your kids).  But while Evan has been golfing in Districts, going to auditions, and pretty much rocking out his 11-year old self, my Colin…oh my sweet Colin, his little self-esteem has taken a beating. 

I finally decided, after the whole Cowboy Kent incident, that I needed to embrace his love of cooking, especially since, I’ve noticed that he’s really quite bashful about it and downplays it to most people.  People will say, “Colin, I hear you’re quite the chef.”  And he’ll say, “Nah, I ain’t dat good.”  I’ll say, “Colin, are you crazy! You’re great! You’re the best nine-year old cook there ever was!”  He’ll say, “Stop it mom, no I ain’t!  (He seriously talks like this, and excuse me if I don’t correct him. Call Community Services. I dare you!!)  

I didn’t like how he was downplaying the coolness of it all, and thought, Colin, you can’t be ashamed of this, embrace this.  I thought, how better to embrace it than by creating his very own cookbook?  And how else to market his cookbook than with a website? Of course, protected from all those weirdos. I thought, this might get Colin to believe in his abilities.

Only two problems.  I am no techi, and I don’t design books.

But here’s the thing: You can learn almost anything from the world wide web (as my mother calls it).  And because I wanted to learn how to design my own book, I took a 4-week course and it was awesome!

Colin’s cookbook was my first little assignment and, while not perfect, I worked on it with him, so it actually was kinda perfect!  The best part was, when he held his very first book, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Can I send one to Chef Kent, ‘wike’ he sent me one of his?”

I said, “Sure Colin, you can send one to whoever you want!”

Then as a true author, he looked through his recipes, his ice cream cake, the fish and chip wrap, and then he got to the hamburger poutine and he said, “Dat wasn’t dat good.”

Aren’t we all our own worst critic?

Colin, who finds math a challenge, did the math.  We took his expected earnings minus the costs to print and he got it, which is sort of the point of math.  He said, “I might be able to buy a new scooter, but I don’t think I’ll sell dat many. It ain’t dat good.”

I don’t ask for much from you, but please help me prove him wrong!

To order your copy go here. 


27 Sep

Let me start by saying I know nothing about our justice system, only that it is broken. It has failed us.

David James Leblanc currently faces charges of making and distributing child pornography, sex assault, and sexual interference involving two boys aged two and five, yet he lived among us.  He was able to live where our children ride their bikes, wait for the bus, and play in our yards.

Innocent until proven guilty?  It appears that they were found guilty of theft, break and enter, fraud, forgery and possession of stolen property.  Yet here they are…living among us.

So who’s to blame?  Who should carry the weight of knowing that these two individuals were roaming free to prey on our children and put them at risk?  Who should apologize to that 16-year old who has endured, likely demonic acts?  Who should should be held accountable?

Is it the Hon. Ross Landry, Minister of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice?

What about the crown prosecutor?

Maybe the judge? Someone had to let them out on parole.

Or maybe it’s us.  Maybe we are to blame. Why?  Do we scream loudly enough when this happens?  Do we ask those  in power to answer the tough questions?  Do we ask for resignations?  Do we ask judges to explain their decisions?  Do we care enough.  Will this be forgotten until the next monster gets released and then we become just as outraged?

I am mad.  Mad at everyone who I’ve questioned blame, including myself.  Will I demand an explanation of someone? Of anyone?  And does it even matter?  They’ll be found.  And they’ll be released.  Why?  Well, Leblanc was released after making child porn with a two-year old, so why wouldn’t he.

So I encourage you to be pissed off, and sad and upset and angry to be a bitch about it, all while thinking about that 16-year old boy, because no one else who was paid to think about him did their job.